Salt Mystic Story Arcade: The Lore Cards

Welcome to the Salt Mystic Story Arcade, a welcoming reception lobby and home of Grailrunner Publishing’s iconic (and free) Lore Cards Deck. Come explore one-minute short fiction set in the Salt Mystic science fiction universe, where gunslingers duel with ball lightning, forgotten treasures (and dooms) lie tucked away in pockets of artificial space, and a simple fable can shake the world. Read more about that here if you’re new.

How does this work?

The images lead to free one-page cards bearing an original art piece and its related piece of flash fiction. Click what you like, and the pdf loads up for you. It’s immersive, escapist science fiction & fantasy for busy people who want something free of politics and agenda, and that’s innovative and new. That’s Salt Mystic, and welcome to it!

Cool? Enjoy. Then go here and buy the Sourcebook And Core Rules for Salt Mystic to dig deeper.

Lore cards 001-003: An adventuring cartographer of artificial space, why armored jesters wear those ugly helmets, and a boy’s first carbine duel…

Lore card 001: Madessa
Lore card 002: Ugly Helmets
Lore card 003: First

Lore cards 004-006: An aspiring codeswarm hacker braves the Stonewisp Wastelands, an introduction to a lone bastion of freedom in the frozen north, and a sprawling & cluttered building as large as a nation…

Lore card 004: The Weakness Of Demons
Lore card 005: Frostlight
Lore card 006: The Jagganatheum

Lore cards 007-009: What it takes to steer nightmare hybrids of machine and lunatic, a dreamer braving the skies in a cluttered cityscape, and an introduction to a place of airship miracles…

Lore card 007: Riding The Questforged
Lore card 008: Mazewater
Lore card 009: Vimana Station

Lore cards 010-012: A city built on the back of a mummified beast, daring border patrols sensing for underground ghost tanks, and a War Marshal with a mysterious father…

Lore card 010: Raganot: The Cliff City
Lore card 011: Wraithbusters Of Frostlight
Lore card 012: FireSermon

Lore cards 013-015: Maps thought to be imaginary often aren’t, meet commanders who steer tornadoes, and visit the Oriel Fields where gates lead to other worlds…

Lore card 013: Madessa And Her Maps
Lore card 014: Tradition In The Twister Corps
Lore card 015: Oriel Of Ashes

Lore cards 016-018: The mysterious and deadly White Fleet of the northern seas, a wandering gunslinger seeking his fortune among the space gates, and a train that takes seekers to a mystical hallucination…

Lore card 016: Sea Lords Of The White Fleet
Lore card 017: Sunfisher
Lore card 018: Tanglesouls Express

Lore cards 019-021: An eclectic lakeside town houses a very old gateway and its enigmatic story, a journalist embedded in a vanguard tactical group learns about ramship drivers, and a piece on just how they built a republic so big they called it ‘infinite’…

Lore card 019: The Oriel Of Rendel’s Poke
Lore card 020: Yeah, A Ramship Driver
Lore card 021: How To Build An Infinite Republic

What’s next?

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Want to be featured on a Salt Mystic Lore Card?


We do periodically accept short fiction and art pieces set in the Salt Mystic world on the Grailrunner website and on our social media, as well as on these Lore Cards. If you’re interested in participating, pick up a copy of the Salt Mystic Core Rules And Sourcebook for inspiration and contact us here:  brian (at) (Anything you submit should tie to something in the Sourcebook.)

Art:  Generally, we don’t pay royalties or purchase art pieces unless specially commissioned, but feel free to contact us for consideration. By submitted your work to us, you’re granting electronic-display rights on the Grailrunner website and its associated social media pages (Twitter and Facebook). 

Short fiction: Short works of fiction must include at least one element from the Sourcebook, be original work with rights owned by the submitter, and must not include anything resembling pornography or hate speech. No overtly political works will be considered. This is escapism and science fantasy. Lengths welcomed as high as 500 words, but not much longer. Contact at email above for more details. Even if we don’t purchase your work, you may still wish to have it posted on the sites. 

“…the most mind-blowing part of this volume is the rich, robust worldbuilding lore and background. With hundreds of illustrations and art pieces and immersive and detailed entries, the distinctive machinery, people, places and history of the Salt Mystic world come gloriously alive!  The publishers call this volume an Immersive Storytelling Engine, and they mean it!” -SpikeyBits gaming site on the Sourcebook And Core Rules