Grailrunner Ongoing Series Overview

Some of our most popular articles here are part of what’s called Grailrunner Publishing’s Inspirational Creator Series, where we dig in with some of the most fascinating creators around and ask what sorts of things inspire them, hear about their creative process, and generally just admire people who have very, very cool jobs.

Previous interviews have included a mind-blowing artist and game designer who created the Grimslingers tabletop series of games, a science fiction writer who’s also a professional futurist, a martial arts video game designer who’s studied his craft for over 3 decades but is also a Diagnostic Pathologist, the influential and intriguing writer who created D&D’s Spelljammer, a fantasy cartographer and artist who’s worked with Blizzard, Square Enix, and Dungeons & Dragons, and the creator of the popular Troika roleplaying game.


A second popular feature here is called Inspirations From History, where we highlight intriguing intellectual novelties from the past that are a little farther off-road than your typical History Channel documentary. Previous articles have included a 17th century machine for writing music, a 13th century geomantic oracle machine, and an 11th century philosophers’ game designed to help you meditate on the universe.


And our third most popular recurring feature is the Pulp Gems series (we really need to compile more of these). This is where we highlight a dazzling, innovative story from the golden days of pulp fiction from magazines such as Planet Stories. If it’s in the public domain, we’ll include a pdf or link so you can read these for yourself and discover just how white-hot and fascinating some of the old pioneers in speculative fiction really were…

We hope you like them. Keep an eye on us, and we’ll keep bringing you inspiration wherever we can find it!