Kyot: The Storybook Puzzle Box

Inspired by the optimistic science fiction of Arthur Clarke, Larry Niven, and old school Star Trek. A sizzling collection of tales

Be amazed. Solve the riddle. Buy your copy today! 

From the Introduction:

This set of stories and dialogues comprises both an inter-connected narrative and a riddle. You’ll encounter everything from the last Kraken to planet-sized DNA machines to the wreckage of a spaceship battle, and you might happily do so without worrying yourself over the thing stalking you from behind the grass. Enjoy then, if that’s your thing. Each tale takes less than a minute, so sip your morning coffee and mark the page for tomorrow.  See you then. Let’s hope a moment of dunking your head into the dreamtime smoothed the edges of whatever you leave me for today. You might wonder though, what’s this about a puzzle box?

Each chapter contains ten stories, usually less than a page long, and ends with the often unsettling conversation between three mysterious sisters. Not witches or the Fates, that’s too obvious. We’ll name them Blue, Yellow and Red as masks because they’re the point of opening the puzzle box that is this book. The sisters are hearing these stories as well as you, and in ways you’ll only understand at the end, will step into them. They’ll discuss what you’ve heard, what you know, and will incidentally help you in solving the riddle of who they actually are. That’s what it means to open the puzzle box. The solution to that riddle can change you. If it couldn’t, if you were gracious enough to chew the clues and eavesdrop on these maddening sisters to unlock the heart of all this and it’s just a silly game, then I’ve stolen from you. That’s not the dream at all. Like a velvet cloaked wizard you met in the woods on the road to battle, I want to hand you something forged for good you can take into the mist. Figure out who the sisters are, and I’ll give that to you.

But those stories, though. How random are they? If you’re at all into Arthur Clarke’s shining optimistic futures, Stephen King’s creepy small-town nightmares, or Jorge Luis Borge’s mind-spinning fantasy twists, then consider this your living room. New religions and smiling lunatic killers, cities made of asteroids warmed by an ignited Jupiter, a vessel that sails the information field of biological machines inside people…you’ll slowly come to see these are all connected in a much larger tale that spans from ages past to a very long time from now. Although this is an epic of the biosciences and long overdue, it is of course beside the point. Maybe you’ll wind up with pieces left over, where the odd story here and there doesn’t seem to fit. That’s okay. If it matters, I’ll tap you on the shoulder with it. The point is the puzzle. Stay focused on that. Listen to the sisters. Keep your eyes on them.

After all, they’ve already got their eyes on you.


“Really fun book to read! Good questions asked all the way through, keeping the reader involved with the process and interested. The story builds, adding levels and twists until the outstanding climax. I heartily recommend getting this book!!” -Amazon reviewer

“This book is a journey for the reader that makes you want to keep turning pages each seemingly unrelated science fiction short a stand alone marvel of thought provoking scientific concepts you can read over and over and find something you missed.” -Amazon reviewer

Be amazed. Solve the riddle. Buy your copy today!