New shirts, dude. New shirts.

Our new shirt designs went live tonight! Take a look and let us know what you think here.

One particular design I’m personally REALLY into is the ‘Dreams are engines’ shirt. It’s the whole point behind Grailrunner. It’s what we do here.

Let me admit something to you. Every morning, within a couple of minutes of opening my eyes, I reach over and grab my phone. It’s not that I’m so busy or important that urgent messages are waiting…more like a ridiculous and quite useless craving for trivia or entertainment or anecdotes or memes to mention later. Useless.

And one reason that’s a problem is the negativity and spin all those apps and feeds bring me. It’s like downloading bricks and mortar into my head every day to build walls between people. Useless.

So that particular image…this one here…is important for a few reasons. Anybody who’s spent time with us knows our Salt Mystic line hosts lost, forgotten worlds tucked away in artificial spaces accessible through sparkling gateways. That’s one thing. But we’ve been plastering that message of positivity and inspiration for years now. I look at this picture here of an explorer, a wanderer, sneaking in places he’s maybe not supposed to be, and dreaming of something miraculous just up those stairs.

Wow, that’s totally me.

Anyway, go buy a shirt. Look good and be cool.

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